About Ashley Battersby


Ashley was born to ski. She grew up in Chicago, and she’s the second of four children who all enjoy the same passion. An avid skier since the early age of 18 months, she was first put on skis and continued to evolve with and for the sport of Freeskiing. It wasn’t preferable skiing almost all of her youth life in the Midwest where flat landings and ice are nothing but all there is to work with. But from her small, 200ft vertical home hill in Wisconsin, she eventually had the fortitude and mental strength to turn her passion into a profession. She was regularly active throughout her and competed in other activities outside of skiing. Growing up, she was involved in gymnastics, track, cheerleading. Ash was also commonly seen sliding handrails and gapping stair sets in downtown Chicago on skates. She agrees that her active youth and ability to adapt quickly to new activities has shaped her distinctive style of skiing.

Ashley was fortunate enough to leave the Windy City and surrounding Midwest ski resorts and move to Park City, Utah in 2002. During this time she was able to ski at least 50 or more days in the winter and later attended the Winter Sports School where the number of days on snow only increased. A former student at Westminster College for Aviation then transferred to the University of Utah to study Exercise Sports Science for Athletic Training.

Ashley Battersby, , has been a force to reckon with on the women’s slopestyle competition circuit with her fluid and technical rail skills, progressive jump tricks, and her determined attitude. A local of and team rider for Park City resort in Park City, Utah, Ashley spent most of her time on the slopes either training for her next national or international events. Ashley skied year round and has traveled all over the world to compete, train or film in places such as New Zealand, France, Austria and many more. 

Ashley has undeniably inspired many people to ski and to push themselves in the sport, especially women. She has also been a been injured as she has had two ACL reconstructions and bounced back for the podium. Throughout her career she has accumulated many trophies and medals including (but not limited to) a first place at the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, X-Games Europe medalist, first at AFP World finals women’s big air and a third place at the AFP World Finals women’s slopestyle event as well as an Olympic hopeful. 


Ashletics was born 2018

After retiring from the US freeskiing team in 2016, Ashley decided to move on to the next chapter of her life in the fitness world. She graduated in her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and continued to get fitness and yoga certifications from teaching spinning and cycling, to slow flow, hot power vinyasa, & tribal dance yoga to fascia release classes, to group fitness and coaching clients one on one, Ashley decided she wanted to open a studio that aligns with her lifestyle and share it with others. 

She then had the opportunity to redo an extremely old building on main street in Coalville City, Utah and went to work. 10 months of rewiring lights to LED, re-paitning, laying floor down, and decorating - the Studio STATE OF MIND was born!

In Feb 2019 Ashley opened the fitness and yoga sdtuio teaching 32 classes at her studio alone along with classes still in park city, she was teaching near 40 classes a week solo. She was told "it is going to be too much on your own". She now has a beautiful space she can call her own where mindful movement has become her mantra to help those in Coalville get moving!