Ashley Battersby


Strategies for using Punctuation In the right way On the at any time before-increasing popularity of electronic mail and texting, evidently proper punctuation has become a casualty this time periods. While a relaxation of that restrictions may very well be adequate in a number of conditions, scholastic and business penning continues to require you to…read more

Producing efficient ad copy that switches into sales may be hard but it is possible, perhaps for newbies. With training and by following a easy guidelines outlined in this article you’ll have the capacity to write ad copy that offers. 1. The most significant part of an effective advertisement is obviously the topic. The heading…read more

Hey there Family, Friends and Fans!! I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me mold my career as an athlete and for your support as I qualify in the next few months in hopes to go to the Olympics in February in Sochi Russia. I have worked 10 solid years…read more